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Saturday, October 2, 2010


And PUSH they will.  POWERBAR athletes: Andy Potts, Terenzo Bozzone, Luke Bell, Luke McKenzie, Andreas Raelert, Sam McGlone, Julie Dibens, Cat Morrison, Belinda Granger- to name a few...all TOP CONTENDERS at KONA this year. 

No matter where they are- training in the pool, on the road, on the track- whether they are training or racing, POWERBAR athletes defy world records, triumph over uncharted terrain, and define superhuman endurance. POWERBAR has been right there with them every step of the way, delivering the highest-quality sports nutrition products to help their athletes take their performance to the next level in daily workouts -- and in the heat of competition.

Be sure to stop by the Powerbar Booth at the Kona Demo Days Expo and check out their products!  They know how important proper nutrition is to fueling your body for optimal energy and top performance. 

Key Event: KONA EXPO STAGE: OCTOBER 5th, 6pm: Pro Athlete & Nutritional panel featuring some of the top Kona contenders sponsored by POWERBAR. 

Visit POWEBAR site for more information:

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