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Monday, September 27, 2010

CompuTrainer Introduces New Product in 2011.

New CompuTrainer models are available for use with Hand Cycles.  They combine all the
usual hardware and software elements of the standard CompuTrainer models with a new
wider stand design.   The new stand design accommodates hand cycles with no
modifications needed. 

Indoor training on a CompuTrainer meets many of a hand cyclist's important needs.  
Being indoors,  safety is not an issue.  The quality of training is unequalled---superb accuracy,  extreme durability, and a wide choice of training options including watts/time intervals, virtually unlimited choice of road courses, and interactive real course videos
that put you on the course on race day.  Time efficient---since the training site is your home, there's no need to transport the cycle to a safe and challenging location.   Standard cyclists are guaranteed a 10% increase in speed----hand cyclists will experience an
increase of, as yet, unknown magnitude.

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