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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Somnio Running Shoes

Somino Running Shoes will be at Kona Demo Days Expo! 

They will be running free computerized gait analysis at the expo as well as demoing our shoes. They are challenging both athletes and spectators to have their gait analyzed in their current running or racing shoes and perform the same analysis in a pair of our shoes that are customized to their exact biomechanical needs. With their system of customization, athletes can actually build a left shoe that is different from the right (and vice versa) to truly tune into their individual needs. 

How cool is THAT? 

The idea is very similar to that of custom bike fittings: improved alignment=increased performance. With correct alignment, the body uses less energy to self-correct, which leads to more effort efficient running and faster races.
They will have our lightweight trainer (the Pacemaker) to demo, and samples of their racing shoe (the Hot Sauce Racer) which is coming out next season to try as well. 

Stop by their booth and sneak peak at their full 2011 line.

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