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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SPEEDFIL HYDRATION SYSTEM- a brand new product to be at Kona Demo Days Expo.

Inviscid Design has come up with something spectacular- Turn a standard bicycle water bottle into a Speedfil system! 

The newest patent pending Speedfil works with any “Specialized”  threaded water bottle in both 21 and 24 ounce sizes.  Use one model on aerobars and the other on frames. Use with the original Speedfil to carry different fluids. The design allows for rapid refillling on the fly, hands free drinking, and easy to clean! 

They will have the prototypes during Kona week so be sure to stop by the Speedfil Hydration System Expo Booth.  

For more information about the Speedfil Hydration System, please visit:

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